Beatrice Belladonna’s Black Magic WebSixty-one-year-old Beatrice Belladonna is a vodou priestess, a convicted serial killer, cop killer and, currently, a death row inmate at the Federal Medical Center in Texas. In five months’ time she will be dead.

But what exactly goes on in the mind of someone as dark and deadly as Beatrice Belladonna? Is she a natural born predator? Or did experience make her that way?

In this spine-tingling but also very compelling book, former Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Special Agent and author Mary Burton King lets us find out…

Are you ready to get entangled in Beatrice Belladonna’s Black Magic Web?


Fool Me Once…What happens when love turns into a nightmare? After twenty years of marriage, Rebecca and Marcus realize that they despise each other. Since the couple’s two children are preparing to leave the nest for college, they both decide it is time to make radical changes in their lives. And so begins Fool Me Once… a gripping tale of power, vengeance and murder.


Fool Me Once...Final ResolutionAfter the events in the first book, we find Rebecca facing the remnants of a dirty mission that her husband, Marcus, got entangled in. She not only struggles with starting new life, she is pitted against the dark and dangerous people that Marcus had brought into their lives. Will Rebecca finally find the peace and freedom she has been seeking all this time? Or will she once again be trapped in a life of violence and fear? Find out in Fool Me Once…Final Resolution!


The Dark EntityOn a cold winter’s night at a federal prison in East Texas, 61-year old Beatrice Belladonna Harlow, a sociopath, voodoo priestess, and convicted black widow serial killer on death row, is brutality murdered in her cell by two prison guards and her body secretly buried in the prison’s cemetery.

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